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Free tool for finding why your AdminP, Policies, and other Domino services might not be working

This little freeware tool will quickly scan any number of servers to show you where your Admin4.nsf, Names.nsf, or any other db has inconsistencies in the ACL, replica, and several other items that might be preventing successful execution of AdminP, … Continue reading

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Music pirate

This little guy saved me a trip to Radio Shack. Worked (and still working) great.  

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The ROI of business friendships

Andrea Howe comments on one of the magic yet often overlooked ingredients of business success.  The value of friendship applies equally to intra-company relationships as well as those across customer lines.

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DominoPoint’s DDay was a huge success

Italian Lotus user group DominoPoint‘s second annual Domino Day conference ("DDay2") was a huge success by all measures.  The one-day on October 10 event included two tracks, fourteen speakers, approximately 400 participants, and a dozen vendors.  Like Paul Mooney’s ILUG … Continue reading

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Tips for presenting in English as a foreigner…

I recently presented a version of a popular session, in English, but to an Italian audience.  Here are some tips for presenting in English as a foreigner… – Plan to speak more slowly, so reduce content a little bit from … Continue reading

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Why Palin needs Domino email… or, why I should be doing Exchange consulting

AK state government (which uses Exchange/Outlook) has found a new way to make money.  Most of you reading this (except you Admins) could write a LotusScript agent to do this in a day.  And, are there no email compliance solutions … Continue reading

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DominoPoint conference approaches 500 attendees

I’m honored to be presenting this Friday, 10 October, in Milano at the annual conference of the Italian Lotus users group, DominoPoint.  The free "DominoPoint Day 2" (the second annual event) has about 500 attendees signed up, which makes this … Continue reading

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9 things I learned in Lisbon, Portugal, in 72 hours…

I was in London for UKLUG a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to visit a place new to me for the weekend before returning to the US.  About the only country in mainland western europe I’ve never visited is … Continue reading

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What does your work area look like?

Paul Mooney showed me his if I showed him mine. When I’m not at the HQ office in DC (I almost never am), I work here… 1 – 93% of the furniture budget went into the one chair I can … Continue reading

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LS09 proposal: “Performance Duet: How to Get Your Apps and Servers in Tune”, with Jamie Magee and Francie Tanner-Whitlock

For three of the past four Lotuspheres, Kevin Marshall and I have done a popular session on Application Performance Tuning. It did well, and even earned top ranked feedback a couple of times. I still update and present various versions … Continue reading

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