LS09 proposal: “Performance Duet: How to Get Your Apps and Servers in Tune”, with Jamie Magee and Francie Tanner-Whitlock

For three of the past four Lotuspheres,
Kevin Marshall and I have done a popular session on Application Performance
Tuning. It did well, and even earned
ranked feedback
a couple of times.
I still update and present various versions of this topic for developers
around the US and Europe, including at five major events this year, as
it has tremendous value to developers. But increasingly, the content has
slowly evolved toward a blend of both developer and system administration
knowledge.  This is because, in reality, performance tuning is a collaboration
between the two.  This session provides a different angle on these
popular topics, focusing on the synergy between a developer and an administrator
in live performance tuning of common issues.

Please comment and vote on this new
session concept
from myself and
Francie Tanner-Whitlock.

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