Why Palin needs Domino email… or, why I should be doing Exchange consulting

AK state government (which uses Exchange/Outlook)
has found
new way to make money
.  Most
of you reading this (except you Admins) could write a LotusScript agent
to do this in a day.  And, are there no email compliance solutions
all the way up in Alaska???

governor’s office said it would take up to six hours of a programmer’s
time to assemble the e-mail of just a single state employee, then another
two hours for "security" checks, and finally five hours to search
the e-mail for whatever word or topic the requestor is seeking. At $73.87
an hour, that’s $960.31 for a single e-mail account. And there are 16,000
full-time state employees. The cost quoted to the AP: $15,364,960

…and …

process of deleting information is likely to be so lengthy that most requestors
won’t be able to see the records until well after the next president and
vice president are chosen, the governor’s office said.


governor’s office says it can provide copies only on paper.

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